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These are Your Missoula Community Groups

Join TAPMissoula Community Group(s) and keep up to date on their current events and information. Share relevant posts with the group, leave comments on member posts, and invite other members to join. Keep in mind some groups are private and by admin invite or approval only.

*TAP and the group admins reserve the right to remove any post or member of the group if group guidelines are not followed. Group guidelines can be found under the group's 'About' section. 

To create your own Missoula-based peer, organization, or network group:

1. Log in to your account 

2. Click on '+Create Group' in blue below.

3. Submit the group.

4. Click on the 'Choose Group Plan' button.

5. Choose your plan and submit. (Make sure you use your TAPMissoula account email)

Someone from our team will immediately approve your group or will reach out if they need further verification or have questions.


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