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Q: Is a TAPMissoula account free?


  • Yes, a general member account is free. Gain access to community forums, groups, and the member network.

Q: How do I register? How do I create an account?


  • To create a free membership account click on JOIN TAP in blue text on the upper-right corner of all pages. Next click on 'Sign Up' to register. Fill out the registration form and click 'Submit'. A verification message will be sent to your registration email. Click on the verification link to authenticate your account. Please note the verification email may be in your spam folder.

  • Once you've verified your account through the email sent from TAPMissoula you can log in. You'll be taken to your account page where you can upload a profile pic, a cover photo, and fill out the 'About' section. Members who complete their profile are more likely to see successful engagement with the Missoula community.

Q: How do I create a TAPCommunity Group?


  • Click on the  CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP button located on the TAPGroups page. Fill out the application and our team will reach out with group benefits and pricing. 

Q: Do you support political content?


  • We are a non-partisan community platform and we do not support political content, ads, or posts. If you post political content it will be subject to removal.

Q: What if I see unsafe and threatening content on


  • We DO NOT tolerate threatening/ hate speech. We are a positive and supportive resource for the Missoula community. Any hate speech communicated by an individual, group, nonprofit, or business on our website will be removed immediately along with the member/group. If you see posts in question please click on the ellipses to the right of the post and then click on 'Report Post'. Or send a link to the post, along with member info to

Q: How do I know if what I'm about to share with the Missoula community is acceptable?


  • TAP®'s rule of thumb...if you have to question whether or not your content is appropriate, oftentimes it's not. However, we do understand not everything can be absolutely clear, so if you're still unsure you can always contact us at or reference our terms & conditions or privacy page.

Q: What are your supported browsers for desktop devices?


Q: What are your supported browsers & operating systems for mobile devices?


  • iPhone: iOS 12 and above (iPhone 6 and above)

  • Android: 9.0 and above

Q: What if I'm seeing a 404 Error Page or the        TAPMissoula Page I log in from is having issues loading?


  • If you have issues accessing the TAPMissoula website on the browsers recommended above, please refresh your browser or clear your cache & cookies. We update information frequently, and it's possible your device is uploading the old version. If none of the above solutions work, please reach out to us at It's also good to clear cookies regularly as it will eventually slow all websites down and potentially impact formatting.

Q: What is Your Security?


  • We Have Enterprise-Grade Security: We have the highest international privacy and security regulations. Our website security certificates include PCI DSS Level 1, Soc 2 Type 2 and several ISOs, and we’re compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD and the data center providers meet the top standards for physical, environmental & hosting controls.

  • Secure Development Lifecycle: At every step of the development process best security practices are used - design and code reviews and threat modeling pentration tests.

  • Safe Data Encryption: Our data in transit encryption uses HTTPS, TLS 1.2+ and automatic SSL, while data at rest uses AES-256, the strongest encryption standard commercially available. 

  • Secure Payments and Anti-Fraud: We are compliant with the highest Payment Card Industry Data Standards, supported by anti-fraud protection, to safeguard payment info and protect transactions.

  • Anti-DDoS Protection, SOC & SIEM, Security Visibility, and Data Analysis & Machine Learning (to detect pattern changes and suspsicous activity).

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