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We believe the social media platforms that impact your community should be owned and operated by members of your community. TAP takes connecting and supporting the place you live through social media one step further - when you join TAPMissoula (our flagship site) you connect to local businesses, nonprofits, artisans, and neighbors - and we're owned and operated by Missoulians. Click 'Join TAP' at the top if this page to register or log in.

Missoula Montana from Above - Copyright


Join Missoula-based groups you know and maybe some that are new to you. Get involved with micro-Missoula communities, what's happening around Missoula in real-time, and our community forums.


When you become hyperlocal you benefit from what social media could be without the content pollution. Lean into reputation capital and let's get productive with the people in our immediate location. Click 'Join TAP' in the top right corner to register or log in, and we look forward to meeting you or seeing you again.

Ivette Fine Art & Design

Artist. Designer. Consultant.


At TAP, we like to highlight what's happening in the Missoula community. Do you have an event that you would like to feature on our homepage? Please contact us! We'd be happy to connect your event with our TAPMissoula community. In the meantime check out events happening in Missoula, below.

Downtown Tonight
Downtown Tonight
01 jun 2023, 17:30
Caras Park
Every Thursday through August from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.


Thanks for the quick reply. Wishing you and the team the very best as the site develops further and the community of members grows. I think the intent and timing are perfect. People are desperate for encouragement, empathy, and connection with like-minded positive influences in their lives. Tap Missoula is fulfilling a badly needed role by providing hope and encouragement between people in the community who never met before.  Great concept, and thanks for the great job kicking it off. You guys rock!"

-- TAPMissoula Member

Thank you, TAP for helping me with my Yard Sale. We had a good turn out. Your website is pretty amazing. I am forever grateful."

-- TAPMissoula Member

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